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Empire Taxes

Empire Taxes
I am your Emperor and you will pay me the Taxes you owe

Empire Taxes

Empire Taxes
I am your Emperor. You must support the Realm!

"Chronicle Groupie"
Hyperion March 14, 2011
[Originally Published May 12, 2007]

I can't believe I finally got this up. I've been thinking about the idea for almost two years, but could never find an artist to get what I wanted. My plan was to have six panels showing pirates dressed up in Shakespeare garb in Iconic Shakespeare scenes (like the Romeo and Juliet Balcony Scene). Each day the dialogue would change but the pictures would stay the same. (This is not a new model, as I was inspired by Dinosaur Comics and others, but I do think the Pirates doing Shakespeare was new.

Anyway, Kaida finally convinced me to quit waiting for an artist and go ahead and get SOMETHING up and worry about finding an artist later. So, I did!

Note: the final line comes from how when you read Shakespeare they put the stage directions (like deaths) in the liner notes. Obviously when you watch it they are more dramatic, but most kids grow up READING Shakespeare instead of WATCHING it as intended, so they grew up seeing it in brackets. ALWAYS cracks me up.

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