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Empire Taxes
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Empire Taxes
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100. I'VE GOT YOUR NUMBER (02/26/03) The historical significance of numbers

99. POTPOURRI, VOLUME XIII (02/21/03) More potpourri

98. WAR OF WORDS (II) (02/19/02) My argument for going to war against Iraq

97. WAR OF WORDS (I) (02/19/03) My friend Kevin's argument against going to war with Iraq

96. 2/14: THE UN-HOLIDAY (02/14/03) Valentine's for the lonely

95. INSPIRED BY IGNORANCE (02/14/03) The right to remain stupid

94. MISERY LOVES COMPANY (AND EASY LISTENING) (02/12/14) Why some people want to be miserable

93. POTPOURRI, VOLUME XII (02/10/03) More potpourri

92. THE HYPERIONIC CODE (SECTION I) (02/07/03) Things I believe in

91. FLASHBULB MEMORY (02/03/03) Memories imprinted in our brain

90. POTPOURRI, VOLUME XI (01/29/03) More potpourri

89. YOU MAKE THE CALL (01/27/03) Things I want changed in sports

88. BY THE ANCIENT LAW (01/23/03) A trip I took to McDonalds

87. POTPOURRI, VOLUME X (01/16/03) More potpourri

86. FOR CHRIST'S SAKE (12/24/02) What Jesus would do if he were here

85. CHRISTMAS TREE MEMORIES (12/24/02) Memories involving Xmas

84. THERE ART THOU HAPPY (12/23/02) Reminder of what we have to be grateful for rather than complain about

83. POTPOURRI, VOLUME IX (12/16/02) More Potpourri

82. . . AND THE DISH RAN AWAY WITH THE SPOON (12/13/02) Musings on why humans don't fly

81. ADVENTURES IN CLEANING (12/09/02) Cleaning memories

79. THANKSGIVING II (HYPERION STYLE) (11/27/02) Things I'm thankful for

78. THANKSGIVING MOVIE PREVIEW (11/26/02) Review of movies in theaters and some videos to rent

77. ONE LAST THING BEFORE I GO (11/19/02) Conversation with Robert about last things to do before dying

76. TO BE OR NOT TO BE (10/06/02) Analysis of what being gay means

75. POTPOURRI, VOLUME VII (10/04/02) More Potpourri

74. ONE YEAR LATER (09/11/02) Criticism of Media coverage of 9/11 anniversary

73. CUT OF THE SAME CLOTH (02/27/02) Catholic Priest scandal

72. DON'T GET BURNED BY THE OLYMPIC FLAME (02/24/02) Analysis of Winter Olympics and the skating controversy

71. RAISE YOUR GLASSES WITH ME (12/25/01) Christmas toast to troops overseas

70. LIFE LESSONS FROM HOLIDAY MOVIES (11/25/01) Life lessons from holiday movies

69. MAKES ME WANNA HOLLER (11/23/01) Things that make me mad

68. AMERICA AT WAR: A FAIRY TALE (10/18/01) Part 2 of fairy tale

67. AMERICA AT WAR: A FAIRY TALE (10/18/01) A humorous look at the history of American war

66. THE GREAT SITCOM DEBATE (10/09/01) Ranking the sitcoms

65. WAR, WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? (10/11/01) Response to anti-war protestors about what happened with Neville Chamberlain and Germany

64. AMERICA'S NEW WAR: AN ANALYSIS (09/22/01) Part 2 of analysis

63. AMERICA'S NEW WAR: AN ANALYSIS (09/21/01) Part 1 of analyzing America's new war on terrorism

62. A MODEST PROPOSAL (09/15/01) Proposal to give passengers of Flight #93 Congressional Medal of Honor

61. IN REMEMBRANCE (09/13/01) Auden poem to convey sadness over September 11

60. LAND OF THE FREE (09/10/01) How we got our country through terrorism

59. WE (09/08/01) The people we marginalize in society

58. POTPOURRI, VOLUME VI (09/06/01) More potpourri

57. THINGS I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO TELL YOU (09/06/01) Etiquette people should know but apparently don't

56. DRIVING MYSELF CRAZY, PART 2 (08/28/01) Part 2 of that story

55. DRIVING MYSELF CRAZY, PART 1 (08/28/01) Part 1 of my story about getting my license renewed and tickets paid for

54. POTPOURRI, VOLUME V (08/14/01) More potpourri

53. A CIVICS LESSON (08/02/01) The life of boxer Jack Johnson

52. THE JOY, AND THE SORROW (07/30/01) Both sides of good and bad events in my life

51. BEWARE THE Q-TIP! (06/29/01) My adventures with a Q-tip

50. POTPOURRI, VOLUME IV (06/27/01) More potpourri

49. TRAGEDY (06/24/01) analysis of the Andrea Yates case

48. POTPOURRI, VOLUME III (06/22/01) More potpourri

47. LOVE STORY (06/12/01) Love Story movie makes me realize how important family is

46. FIGHTING THE LOSING BATTLE (06/09/01) Things I wish would happen but probably won't

45. LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! (06/08/01) Should McVeigh's execution be televised?

44. CARS: FRIEND OR FOE? (06/07/01) Ed and I debate what to do with cars

43. HOME AGAIN, HOME AGAIN (06/05/01) My trip to Ohio to visit my parents

42. NEVER FORGET PEARL HARBOR (06/01/01) Mini-review of movie and indictment on Roosevelt's role in the attack

41. RITES OF PASSAGE (05/04/01) What it sounds like

40. TIMOTHY MCVEIGH PART 2: CAN A MONSTER SPEAK THE TRUTH? (05/11/01) Examining McVeigh's own words to see if truth exists there

39. TIMOTHY MCVEIGH: HERO OR TRAITOR? (05/04/01) Part 1 of 4 columns on Timothy McVeigh, and the death penalty in general. This one examines if McVeigh acted alone

38. TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME (05/04/01) Lessons learned at a baseball game

37. SOCIAL OBLIGATIONS (04/29/01) An evening with Bear over dinner

36. AN UNEXPECTED LESSON (04/19/01) The girl at the Tom Green movie

35. IN THE BEGINNING, THERE WAS MONEY (04/17/01) Movie prequels I'd like to see

34. IT'S A MAD MAD MAD MAD COW (04/12/01) Farce about cows taking over the world

33. CAIN AND ABEL: AN EASTER STORY (04/15/01) Connecting the Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel Stories in a new way

32. WHY WON'T CHINA BACK DOWN (04/09/01) Analysis of the US/China spy plane standoff

31. POTPOURRI, VOLUME II (03/30/01) More Potpourri

30. POTPOURRI, VOLUME I (03/29/01) Items not big enough to warrant their own column

29. MY AWARD CEREMONY HAS A FIRST NAME (03/25/01) My take on the five 2000 Best Picture Nominees

28. A NOTE OF THANKS ON THIS ANNIVERSARY (03/17/01) A tribute to my father on his birthday

27. A DUBIOUS AND QUESTIONABLE ATTEMPT TO SHARE WITH THE AUDIENCE (03/?/01) Top 10 signs you may be depressed

26. XXXXX, OR L, IF YOU WANT TO BE PICKY (02/24/01) A tribute to my mother on her birthday

25. VALENTINE'S DAY MASSACRE, PART 2 (02/17/01) More Valentine's Day thoughts

24. LOOKING FOR LOVE IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES (02/16/01) Part 1 of thoughts while watching TV alone on Valentine's Day

23. THE KEY TO VICTORY (02/05/01) Advice for succeeding in life

22. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (12/24/00) The life of Jesus from another perspective

21. MORE HOLIDAY FUN (12/19/00) Addresses the furor over Santa Claus column and offers new carols to sing as appeasement

20. A FEW MODEST PROPOSALS (12/16/00) A few ideas for Bush to implement in his first few weeks in office

19. TIS THE SEASON (12/15/00) The connection between Santa Claus and Jesus

18. OPEN LETTER TO ALL GORE + WORDS I NEVER WANT TO HEAR AGAIN (12/14/00) Advice to Al Gore after he was declared the loser of the election and words I don't want to hear again after the election

17. AN OPEN LETTER TO GEORGE BUSH (12/14/00) Advice to Bush after he was declared the winner

16. SHE'S STILL UGLY: KEEP DRINKING (12/10/00) A conversation with Tito on the way to gamble at an Indian Casino



13. GRATITUDE ATTITUDE(11/30/00) Reminding people to express their thanks to family and friends

12. THANKSGIVING, HYPERION STYLE (YOU KNOW HOW WE DO IT) (11/20/00) First bi-annual Thanksgiving column

11. TOMATO, TOMAHTO; LET'S CALL THE WHOLE THING OFF (11/12/00) Suggestions for unimportant things

10. IT'S TIME TO GIVE A CHECKERS SPEECH (11/09/00) Analysis of the '00 presidential election during the disputed Florida recount

9. 54-40, AND I'M JUST GETTING STARTED (11/03/00) Hyperion's '00 Presidential Platform

8. SO IT COMES TO THIS (10/18/00) Hyperion throws his hat in the 2000 Presidential Election ring

7. DO AS I SAY AND NO ONE GETS HURT (05/07/00) Codification of unwritten rules

6. SO I CAN CLEARLY NOT CHOOSE THE GLASS IN FRONT OF ME (04/29/00) A look at what makes something eternally funny

5. AND THE HORSE ON WHICH YOU RODE IN (04/27/00) Alternative swear words

4. BETTER TO TRY TO UNDERSTAND THE SUN (04/25/00) Everything mankind knows about women

3. I THINK I SAW SOME DOUGHNUTS ABOUT A MILE BACK (04/16/00) Top 10 things not to say when pulled over by a cop

2. WE HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR BUT BARBRA STREISAND (04/04/00) A look at misquotations throughout history

1. EXCITING INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES (03/28/00) A critique of mandatory helmet and seatbelt laws

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