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300. THE WALL (05/30/04) My entry in the Power of Purpose Awards

299. MAIL BAG THREE (05/06/04) I answer reader questions

298.5. TRILOGY (05/03/04) A love story

298. TIME^3 (04/30/04) Ruminations on the meaning of time

297. THE HYPERIONIC CODE (SECTION II) (04/26/04) More things I believe in

296. POTPOURRI, VOLUME XXVIII (04/21/04) More Potpourri

295. IF I RULED {ROUND 2} (04/18/04) More of my presidential plans

294. THE RETURN OF CARNIVUS (04/06/04) Carny tells another story

293. CLAUSTROPHOBIC (04/12/04) A crowded brain

292. TRIGINTIA ARGENTEOS (04/08/04) Alternate theory on Judas

291. THE PIG AND THE PULCHRITUDE (03/31/04) An Evening with Aslan at Earl’s, and the discovery of TAF

290. SOFTLY FALLING PETALS (03/29/04) Ruminations on flowers

289. GLOBETROTTER (03/16/04) Various problems around the world

288. IF I LED {ROUND 1} (03/13/04)Plans for my presidency

287. THE INSTITUTE (03/10/04) My plan for the Hyperion Institute

286. “THIS” IS COURAGE (03/07/04) Exposing the Magic Pygmy Rabbit Conspiracy

285. LARGE BEAUTIFUL MEN OF THE WORLD, UNITE! (03/03/04) Announcing my candidacy for President

284. POTPOURRI, VOLUME XXVII (03/01/04) Still More potpourri

283. AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT (02/27/04) Promised column to reader who brought in most new readers

282. SOMETHING OSCAR THIS WAY COMES (02/25/04) A look at the five Best Picture Nominees and a defense of movies

281. YOU, TOO CAN WIN YOUR OFFICE POOL (02/21/04) Oscar Predictions

280. SHE DONE HIM WRONG (02/20/04) Barbie dumps Ken

279. THE BEAUTY OF SADNESS (02/18/04) Sad doesn’t equal bad

278. POTPOURRI, VOLUME XXVI (02/16/04) More Potpourri

277. A TALE OF TWO TITTIES (02/04/04) The Janet Jackson “Wardrobe Malfunction” aftermath

276. POTPOURRI, VOLUME XXV (01/28/04) More Potpourri

275. MUCH THANKS (01/23/04) One-size-fits-all Thank you note

274. THE PASSION OF SUFFERING (01/21/04) Review and discussion of THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST

273. THE (LONG OVERDUE) RETURN OF THE KING (01/16/04) Explanation as to why I’ve been away, and answers to Mail bag questions

172. SOAPBOX DERBY (11/08/03) My existential crisis about what to do when values conflicted

171. THE HOODY AWARDS (11/03/04) The audience weighs in on their TV picks

170. MUDDY WATER (10/31/03) Two Halloween stories (later addended with 170. 14159, with an additional story, resent on October 25, 2004)

169. XXIV (10/29/03) Review of 24 and more potpourri

168. POTPOURRI, VOLUME XXIII (10/27/03) More potpourri

167. TV6: IN A WORD (10/22/03) Question of whether TV is immoral and review of Skin

166. WORLD GONE MAD (10/17/03) Reaction to fall-out from the Chicago Cubs/Bartman incident

165. TV5: SECOND BANANA AND OTHER THEORIES (10/15/03) Theories of how Television works

164. POTPOURRI, VOLUME XXII (10/10/03) More potpourri

163. HYPERION SAYS (4) (10/08/03) More issues in the News and what Hyperion thinks of them

160. TV3: THE NOMINATIONS PLEASE (10/01/03) Nominations for my first annual TV Hoody Awards

159. TV2: RECOMMENDATIONS AND EXPLANATIONS FOR THE PATIENT HYPERION NATION (10/01/03) Recommendations for the 2003 TV season

158. POTPOURRI, VOLUME XXI (09/28/03) More potpourri

157. TV 1: LET THERE BE SHOWS (09/25/03) First in a series on television
156. A DAY IN THE LIFE (09/22/03) A bad day

155. ANSWER MY RIDDLES THREE (09/19/03) I ask riddles

154. POTPOURRI, VOLUME XX (09/17/03) More potpourri

153. BATTLE HYMN (09/15/03) Why I don't sing certain songs

152. APPLES OF GOLD (09/12/03) A critique of empty literature

151. MAIL BAG (09/09/03) I answer some of my most frequently asked questions.

150. TROLL STORY (09/04/03) Guest column by my troll friend Carnivus Kickassius

149. POTPOURRI, VOLUME XIX (09/02/03) More potpourri

148. THE 10 SUGGESTIONS (08/29/03) What I think about the 10 Commandments' statue controversy

147. POTPOURRI, VOLUME MDCLXVIII (08/29/03) More potpourri

146. THE BUSINESS OF DEATH (08/26/03) What I hate about the Death Care Industry

145. CRYSTAL BALLS (08/21/03) Third and final set of predictions

144. MORE PROGNOSTICATIONS FROM THE MOUNT (08/20/03) More Predictions for the future

143. THE ART OF PROGNOSTICATION (08/18/03) Predictions for the future

142. HYPERION SAYS (3) (08/15/03) More issues in the news and what Hyperion thinks of them

141. POTPOURRI, VOLUME XVII (08/08/03) More potpourri

140. EXITUS TERRARUM (07/31/03) Why I decided not to destroy the world

139. MOVIES VI: A TO Z AND OVER AND OUT (07/29/03) More of the Readers' picks; this time by letter

138. MOVIES V: THE RESULTS ARE IN (07/29/03) The Reader's movie picks


136. HYPERION SAYS (2) (07/21/03) More issues in the news and what Hyperion thinks of them

135. THE SOUND OF NO HANDS CLAPPING AND OTHER MEDITATIONS (07/16/03) Musings on a bee, collective unconscious, and the Japanese term ma

134. MOVIES IV: LET THE HOLY WARS BEGIN (07/10/03) How people watch movies, in their homes and at the theatre

133. HISTORY 101: STRANGER THAN FICTION (07/07/03) Interesting American historical tidbits

132. HULK (06/20/03) My review of the movie Hulk

131. INTERACTIVITY, NINJA STYLE (YOU KNOW HOW WE DO IT) (06/18/03) Interactive potpourri

130. SIX WHITE STRIPES. . . (06/14/03) A look at flag burning

129. RECONCILABLE DIFFERENCES (06/10/03) What to do when someone you care about is mad at you but you're not wrong

128. MARTHA MARTHA MARTHA (O6/06/03) Martha Stewart's legal troubles

127. MOVIES III: COMING SOON TO A THEATRE NEAR YOU (06/03/03) A look at movie previews

126. MOVIES II: BACK TO BASICS (06/02/03) Part II of movie series; looking at what makes a good movie

125. BEATING UP SUPER MARIO (05/30/03) Guest column; response to Washington State law fining store owners for selling violent games to kids

124. THE ALVY AWARDS (O5/28/03) Awards for unheralded inventions

123. ALL WOMEN ARE MARTYRS (O5/26/03) Controversial Sociological theory

122. HYPERION SAYS (05/23/03) A look at things in the news and what Hyperion thinks about them

121. MOVIES I: IT'S ALL HOW YOU LOOK AT IT (05/16/03) Part I in look at movies, dealing with movie review system

120. POTPOURRI, VOLUME XVI (O5/05/03) More potpourri

119. THREE MONKEYS, TEN MINUTES (05/02/03) How I write a column, launching Hyperion X, and apologizing for everything everywhere

118. WEDDINGS IIIB: DIGNIFIED YETI (04/29/03) My experience at Ajax's wedding

117. WEDDINGS IIIA: TYRANNOSAURUS PENGUIN (04/28/03) My experience at Koz's wedding

116. WEDDINGS II: THE SEARCH FOR THE 13TH LETTER (04/25/03) Preparations for weddings

115. WEDDINGS I: NOBLE BEGGING (04/22/03) A look at wedding proposals

114. ONE GAVE ALL (04/18/03) Jesus's experience on the cross

113. THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER (04/15/03) The difference between truth and fact

112. BY THE LIGHT OF THE MOON (04/13/03) A walk alone at night with unexpected results

111. THE MASTERS (04/09/03) The controversy about Augusta not letting in women

110. THE THERMOS THEORY (04/07/03) What powers the Universe

109. LICENSE TO DRIVE (04/03/03) The time I stole a car

108. RULES OF WAR (04/02/03) Geneva Conventions

107. POTPOURRI, VOLUME XV (03/30/03) More potpourri

106. QUESTIONING WAR (PART II) (03/27/03) More answers to questions surrounding the war in Iraq

105. QUESTIONING WAR (PART I) (03/26/03) Answers to questions surrounding the war in Iraq 

104. THE LIGHTER SIDE OF WAR (03/25/03) Funny things I've noticed in the war with Iraq

103. IF I CONTROLLED OSCAR (03/22/03) My Oscar Analysis

102. POTPOURRI, VOLUME XIV (03/04/03) More potpourri

101. I BELIEVE: THE CREED OF HYPERION (02/28/03) Recap of the first 100 columns

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