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"Chronicle Groupie"

500. SHARALASA (06/26/08) A tale of the Five Kingdoms

499. IN THE NIGHT (6/12/08) A short Hyperion After Dark story

498. SEVENTEEN SECONDS (6/4/08) Short Poem based on a picture

497. PRETTY HARD TO SWALLOW (5/26/08) Thoughts on Hillary Clinton's RFK gaffe

496. UPSIDE DOWN (5/21/08) Hyperion wishes his world would make sense again.

495. THE RIGHT LESSON (4/16/08) Thoughts on the one year anniversary of the Virginia Tech tragedy

494. THE DENUNCIATION GAME (3/13/08) Name calling in the presidential primaries

493. BATHROOM COFFEE (3/11/08) Review of three coffee table books

492. ECHO OF LIGHT (2/21/08) Thoughts on the lunar eclipse

491. SPECIAL VALENTINE'S POEM (2/14/08) just that

490. IRREPLACEABLE (2/8/08) Penetrating look at Beyonce's song

489. DANGEROUS AND DARING BOYS AND GIRLS (2/7/08) Review of two popular how-to books for kids

488. MEAL FIT FOR A KING (1/25/08) Questions of the Night with Carlos

487. DAN FOGELBERG (12/18/07) Thoughts on the passing of a singing legend

486. IT STARTS WITH SNOW (12/13/07) A heart-warming children's Christmas Story....(dun dun dun!)

485. PUTTING BABY IN A CORNER (11/30/07) Argument about Best Dance Scenes in Movies

484. RECONDITE (11/26/07) About my Brother

483. ICONOCLAST (11/16/07) Reaction to Entertainment Weekly/TV Land's 100 Greatest TV Icons

482. MEGACITIES (11/15/07) a look at trends in the largest cities in the world over the last 1000 years

481. QUICK MAIL BAG: SANDWICH TIME (11/14/07) Answering a few emails; establishing what constitutes a sandwich

480. LULLABY AND IMPLIED SANDWICH (11/12/07) My uncle's Surprise 50th Birthday Part, and sandwiches therein

479. HOW TO WRITE A STORY (11/05/07) An attempt to write a story that goes absolutely nowhere

478. WHERE THE BITCHES AT? (10/18/07) Thoughts on the Ellen Degeneres Dog Controversy

477. AN INCONVENIENT MORNING (10/12/07) Thoughts on Al Gore winning the Nobel Peace Prize

476. BIG BROTHER, I DON'T GIVE A DAMN WHERE THOU ART! (10/09/07) 2007 Guest Post #6 (Bear)

475. UNHOLY LOVE CHILD (10/05/07) What to Watch on the Weekend

474. YOU HAD TO BE A BIG SHOT (10/04/07) What to Watch on Thursdays

473. PUSHING DAISIES (10/03/07) What to Watch on Wednesdays

472. REAPER MADNESS (10/02/07) What to Watch on Tuesdays

471. CHUCKWAGON (10/01/07) What to Watch on Mondays (Fall 2007)

470. "OWEN" - A STORY OF OPPORTUNITY COST (09/28/07) 2007 Guest Post #5 (Bogart)

469. NINJA SPOONERCIZE (09/27/07) Guest Post #4 (Tracy Lynn)

468. THE HARRY POTTER IMPERATIVE (09/26/07) Guest Post #3 (Jonny)

467. THE WAY I SEE IT #265 (09/25/07) Guest Post #2 (Sea Hag)

466. PRIDE AND PREJUDICES (09/21/07) 2007 Guest Post #1 (Lady Jane Scarlett)

465. HYPERION DAY (8/26/07) Gifts I received for my name-day

464. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? (8/24/07) All about my Fantasy Football experience

463. BEAR'S BASTARDS (08/22/07) Follow-up to 462, looking at the probability question another way

462. LET'S MAKE A DEAL (08/21/07) A look at a famous probability question

461. NAGASAKATUMI (08/09/07) How August 9 cost me $500

460. PIRATE METALLURGISTS (ORRRRRRRRRRE!) (08/04/07) Answers to the Trivia Questions plus explanation of our Team name

459. TEAM TRIVIA (08/03/07) Questions faced at Trivia

458. THE 100TH WORD (07/20/07) 100 word story based on a picture

457. DOGFIGHT (07/18/07) Thoughts on the Michael Vick dogfighting allegations and how they relate to race

456. THE DUMBLEDORKS (07/13/07) Hyperion's trip to Atlanta to eat dinner and watch the premiere of the new Harry Potter movie with friends

455. ARE YOU A god? ("SMALL g") (07/10/07) Quiz to determine if you are a god

454. HALF YEAR'S EVE (06/30/07) Hyperion throws a mid-year party, complete with a sexy story and picture

453. JACYNDRA (06/26/07) Carnivus tells another story, this time about Carnival Folk

452. SCREW THE AFI!!!!!!!!! (06/22/07) The American Film Institute's 10th Anniversary Edition, and Hyperion's less than charitable reaction to it

451. PRESENT-GATE (06/21/07) Explaining #450 to people who don't seem to know how to take a joke

46. FIGHTING THE LOSING BATTLE - REDUX (06/20/07) Column #46 with 2007 comments thrown in

450. THE S'PRINCIPLE (06/18/07) A tongue-in-cheek argument between Kaida and me

449. WITH APOLOGIES TO MISS RACHEL SHUSTER (SORTA) (06/13/07) Apologizing to Rachel Shuster, the collator of the USA Today list

448. BEYICULOUS (06/12/07) Rating USA Today's Top 25 Sports Moments of the past 25 Years

447. THE NIGHT SITS SOFTLY IN THE EARLY MORNING SKY (06/08/07) Attempts at Poetry

446. FIVE THINGS (06/06/07) Five things about Television of which I'm absolutely sure.

445. MAMA SAID I COULD (05/22/07) Story written in only an hour with help from my readers.

444. PANIC AT THE DISCO (04/24/07) Musical Lyrics analysis of one of their songs

443. PAN'S LABYRINTH - THE FAIRY TALE CONNECTION (04/10/07) More discussion on Pan's Labyrinth and Fairy Tales

442. SOCIOPATHIC CHRISTIANITY (04/06/07) How SOME Christians behave, and what the implications are.

441. NIAGARA (03/29/07) Steamy story written in honor of the seventh anniversary of the Hyperion Institute

440. INDEFINABLE (03/17/07) Birthday Tribute to my Dad

439. MOVIE MARATHON MEEKEND,TAKE 4 (03/14/07) Part 4 of my Movie Marathon

438. MOVIE MARATHON MEEKEND, TAKE 3 (03/08/07) Part 3 of my Movie Marathon

437. MOVIE MARATHON MEEKEND, TAKE 2 (03/02/07) Part 2 of my Movie Marathon

436. MOVIE MARATHON MEEKEND (03/02/07) The Tale of journey to see all five Best Picture Nominees at once

435. OSCAR DIARY (02/26/07) My running commentary on the 2007 Academy Awards

434. LISA, LENTILS AND LOVE (02/21/07) What I'm giving up for Lentils this year

433. HOMEMADE SIGNS (02/16/07) A chance encounter in an Intersection

432. LATE VALENTINES (02/16/07) Some Late Valentine's Shout Outs

431. DRIVING THEORIES (02/09/07) Hyperion finally gets an American Driver's License

430. WORDS THAT JUST BUG ME (01/26/07) Words that, well, just bug me

429. IT'S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE HYPERION (01/23/07) Hyperion explains why he's been away so long

428. OLD LANG SYNE (12/31/06) A steamy New Year's Story

427. CHRISTMAS PRESENCE (12/25/06) A steamy Christmas story

426. SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN (12/24/06) A Kris Kringle Konspiracy

425. ASK HAT X (12/23/06) Christmas Ask Hat

424. ASK HAT IX (11/22/06) Thanksgiving Ask Hat

423. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO ROBERT DE NIRO (11/20/06) Examination of the lat ten years of Robert De Niro's career

422. THE GHORRAL PART II (11/16/06) Second part of the story

421. THE GHORRAL PART I (11/15/06) First part of the story

420. JAMES HOWE (11/01/06) Reviews of Writer James Howe

419. THE HOUSE OF MOUSE (10/19/06) Rodent troubles at the Outlaw Camp

418. UMBRAE CANARUM (10/17/06) A very special Halloween story

417. DAYS OF THE EXILE (10/13/06) My first few days in Exile

416. PUT ME IN, COACH (10/16/06) My thoughts on the Detroit Tigers

415. SO LONG, FAREWELL AND AMEN (09/28/06) Hyperion goes into exile

414. SIT, LITTLE ANGEL GIRL (09/25/06) Short story based on painting

413. ASK HAT VIII (09/15/06) More Ask Hyperion and Tracy

412. AGONY (09/14/06) Short story based on painting

411 _________ (09/11/06) Five Year Tribute to 9/11

410. ASK HAT VII (09/01/06) More Ask Hyperion and Tracy

409. THE SINS OF THE FATHER (08/31/06) Ask Hyperion and Tracy

408. WORDS TO LIVE BY (08/29/06) More cool Semiotics

407. RETRO-MEME (08/28/006) Cool Semiotics

406 IT AIN'T EASY BEIN' 11 (08/27/06) My 11th Birthday

405. ASK HAT VI (08/25/06) More Ask Hyperion and Tracy

404. ASK H.A.T. V (8/18/06) More Ask Hyperion and Tracy

403. ASK H.A.T. IV (8/11/06) More Ask Hyperion and Tracy

402. ASK H.A.T. III (08/04/06) More Ask Hyperion and Tracy

401. THESE THINGS I BELIEVE (08/22/06) Recap of the last 100 columns

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