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Hyperion March 30, 2017

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661.  Soon Come The Rain (7/02/11) After Dark short story - a woman contemplates certain storms

660.  Faded Jeans (6/25/11) After Dark story about bf/gf visiting her Mom and Dad for the first time

659.  Blue Fairy Dream (6/21/11) After Dark story - Gues Dreamer Nezemnaya

658.  Mayday (6/17/11) Guest story by Cat C.

657.  Franklin and Bash (6/16/11) Review

656.  Where Does Shaq Rank Historically? (6/02/11) Quick look at Shaquille O'Neal's career upon news of his retirement

655.  THOR's Day (5/06/11) Review of THOR

654.  Killing The Borgias (4/04/11) Reviews of The Killing, The Borgias, Breaking In and Chaos

653.  Sucker Punch (3/31/11) Review of Sucker Punch and uncomfortable discussion of child abuse

652.  Hyperion-X 999 (5/19/03) Reviews of Matrix Reloaded and X2; musings on the essence of Cool

651.  Body of Proof and Mr. Sunshine (3/30/11)

640.  IN LIKE A LION (3/1/11) The Lion poems that bookmarked last year's 31 Days of Poetry are put together for the first time, revealing surprising clues

639.   BEST 2011 SUPER BOWL COMMERCIALS (2/7/11) YouTube videos of my favorite commercials from Super Bowl XLV

638.  SCRATCH THAT TV ITCH (2/7/11) Review of several new shows using a rhyming format

637.  GROUNDHOG DAY ANAGRAMS (2/2/11) Anagrams of the phrase "Groundhog Day"

636.  VIGIL (1/17/11) Poem about being shut out by someone you care about

635.  WHAT I WOULDN'T GIVE (1/9/11) Poem about longing to be with her again

634.  WHEN I SAY YOUR NAME (12/20/10) Poem about reaching for Hope in the Darkness

633.  PSALM 30:5 - A REBUTTAL (12/20/10) Poem about a gloomy morning

632.  HARRY POTTER 7.0 (12/17/10) A look at all seven books in the Harry Potter series plus reviews of the 6th and 7th films

631.  THE ANGUISHED POETRY OF A TEENAGE GIRL (12/16/10) Hyperion gets a bit emotional

630.  SOPHIE'S CHOICE (TIMES INFINITY) (12/16/10) A truly gut-wrenching decision

629.  HEISMAN HYPOCRISY (12/11/10) The Heisman controversy surrounding Cam Newton

628.  HALLOWEEN MIXTAPES (10/31/10) Songs to listen to during your Halloween party

627.  PEACE (10/31/10) Poem about inner-turmoil

626.  LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (10/28/10) Possibly the best Vampire film ever made

625.  JONAH HEX (10/28/10) Movie Review

624.  RAWRY FEELS LEFT OUT (10/27/10) So as not to make him cry antagonize the dangerous beast, the best anagrams of "Thirty-One Days of Rawry"

623.  ANAGRAM WARR (10/26/10) Hilarious Anagrams for "Thirty-One Days of RAWR!"

622.  RAWRY (10/14/10) The 31 Days of RAWR! (and perhaps the entire Hyperion Empire) gets a new mascot who's very lovable rough and tough. 

621.  THIRTY-ONE DAYS OF RANT (10/4/10) Hyperion is upset at the TV viewing audience and the Executives who run the Networks

620.  MISNAMED (9/16/10) The most misnamed things in the Solar System

619.  TERRIERS (9/15/10) Review of FX show Terriers

618.  NIKITA (9/10/10) Review of CW show Nikita

617.  HELLCATS (9/9/10) Review of CW show Hellcats 

616.  MISS UNIVERSE (8/24/10) Who SHOULD have been the Miss Universe Finalists

615.  BREVE AMBESSA (8/32/10) Caps off the 31 Days of Poetry, can be considered a direct sequel to #582 (Anacuris Itare) which inspired the entire month

614.  LUNA ROSA (8/31/10) Part of the 31 Days of Poetry

613.  FALLING STAR (8/30/10) Part of the 31 Days of Poetry

612.  THE BALLAD OF DUSKY ROSE (8/29/10) Part of the 31 Days of Poetry

611.  SPINNER'S TALE (8/28/10) Part of the 31 Days of Poetry

610.  TRAVEL DOWN THAT ROAD (8/27/10) Part of the 31 Days of Poetry

609.  LAMENTATION (8/26/10) Part of the 31 Days of Poetry

608.  SORROW'S EMBRACE (V.0) (8/25/10) Part of the 31 Days of Poetry

607.  AS LONG AS IT TAKES (8/24/10) Part of the 31 Days of Poetry (Guest)

606.  FLOOR MONSTERS (8/23/10) Part of the 31 Days of Poetry

605.  THE RIDER (8/22/10) Part of the 31 Days of Poetry

604.  I DON'T MIND YOUR DARKNESS (8/21/10) Part of the 31 Days of Poetry

603.  IN THE GLOAMING (8/20/10) Part of the 31 Days of Poetry (Guest)

602.  MISSING BEAT (8/19/10) Part of the 31 Days of Poetry

#601  WHAT I KNOW (TBD) A look back at columns #501 - 600

#501 - 600

600.  HIDDEN SCARS (8/18/10) Part of the 31 Days of Poetry

599.  SHE WAS A PRINCESS TOO (8/17/10) Part of the 31 Days of Poetry

598.  STUFFYS 4 LIFE! (8/16/10) Part of the 31 Days of Poetry

597.  UNWOVEN TAPESTRY (8/15/10) Part of the 31 Days of Poetry

596.  SWIRL (8/14/10) Part of the 31 Days of Poetry

595.  BY THE TIME I GET TO PATAGONIA (8/13/10) Part of the 31 Days of Poetry

594.  TOGETHER IN THE DARK (8/12/10) Part of the 31 Days of Poetry

593.  ROSES ARE... (8/11/10) Part of the 31 Days of Poetry

592.  FULL TIDE (8/10/10) Part of the 31 Days of Poetry

591.  AVALANCHE (8/9/10) Part of the 31 Days of Poetry

590.  BLOODSONG (8/8/10) Part of the 31 Days of Poetry (Guest)

589.  THOUGHTS OF HER WHILE DRIFTING TO SLEEP (8/7/10) Part of the 31 Days of Poetry

588.  A SHADOW FALLS (8/6/10) Part of the 31 Days of Poetry

587.  FALLING INTO DARKNESS (8/5/10) Part of the 31 Days of Poetry  (Guest)

586.  TAKE ME AWAY FROM EVERYTHING THAT IS NOT YOU (8/4/10) Part of the 31 Days of Poetry

585.  INVOCATION (8/3/10) Part of the 31 Days of Poetry

584.  FORBIDDEN COLORS (8/2/10) Part of the 31 Days of Poetry

583.  A WOMAN OF LONG AGO ME (8/1/10)  Part of the 31 Days of Poetry

582.  ANACRUSIS ITARE (7/30/10) Surrealist fever-dream poem of mysterious origin

581.  BARGAIN MATINÉE (7/30/10) Some ideas for a schlocky movie party

580.  SHOWER (7/27/10) Hyperion After Dark story about walk-in shower

579.  THE AFFAIR OF THE PUDDING AND THE SHIRT (7/26/10) Just like it sounds

578.  DREAMSONG (7/22/10) Ranking of the Best Songs with the word "Dream" in the title

577.  AFTER (7/8/10) Hyperion After Dark Story about cuddling up with a loved one

576.  HOW WOMEN ARE LIKE PIZZA (7/2/10) - Comparing the best food to the best....

575.  COLORS OF WAR (6/30/10) Short story about a woman waiting for her husband to come home from war

574.  ECLIPSING THE NEW MOON AT TWILIGHT (6/30/10) Review of all three Twilight movies

573.  KNIGHT AND DAY (6/29/10) Review of Tom Cruise Cameron Diaz Spy movie

572.  WAVES (6/26/10) Poem about patience

571.  DAYNIGHTFLIGHT (6/24/10) a poem to restore honor written in Iambic Hexedecameter

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