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"Chronicle Groupie"

400. THE STORM (05/01/07) Guest story so steamy we had to put it over on Hyperion After Dark

399. ASK H.A.T. (7/28/06) More Ask Hyperion and Tracy questions, including a name

398. UNMADE (7/26/06) Sexy story written from a painting

397. KISS MY ASK (7/21/06) The first Ask Hyperion and Tracy column

396. THE SOUND OF SILENCE (07/20/06) Being sick when you can't talk

395. "OUR MAN RED" (07/07/06) Carnivus story commissioned by a generous reader about a war 900 years ago

394. VICIOUS JACK (06/29/06) Carnivus story commissioned by a generous reader about two college roommates

393. THE JESUS DYNASTY (06/21/06) Review of the book "The Jesus Dynasty"

392. TO BLOG OR NOT TO BLOG (05/25/06) Hyperion gives up and gets a blog of his own

391. OH, WRETCHED MORTALS! (05/19/06) The controversy over The Da Vinci Code

390. MR. BUFFALO PART 3 - CAN I GET A LIGHT? (05/12/06) It's not a good idea to treat Hyperion like Manuel Noriega

389. MR. BUFFALO PART 2 - SEVEN DOLLAR WATER (05/11/06) Hyperion is asked to save Canada

388. MR. BUFFALO PART 1 - TO PEE OR NOT TO PEE (05/08/06) Ablutions in an airplane bathroom

387. THE WORSTEST/BESTEST BIRTHDAY EVER PART II (04/26/06) The end of a great birthday.

386. THE WORSTEST/BESTEST BIRTHDAY EVER PART I (04/25/06) The start of a very bad birthday.

385. BARRY (04/07/06) The dog I had when I was 12

384. REFLECTIONS ON DEATH AND THOSE WHO HAVE DEPARTED (04/06/06) Memories of my grandfather and ideas about dealing with death

383. WAR (SONGS), WHAT ARE THEY GOOD FOR? (3/29/06) Analysis of Anti-War music lyrics

382. OWLY (3/28/06) Review of comic book present "Owly"

381. THE TRAVELER (3/23/06) Review of the novel "The Traveler"

380. FLOWRS IN MY ATTIC (2/17/06) My attempt to send flowers

379. VALENTINE'S MEAL (2/14/06) Romantic stories for the Day

378. LOONY TOONS (2/10/06) Anger of the Mohammed Cartoons

377. THOSE WACKY PALESTINIANS (1/30/06) The Hamas Victory

376. HIT ME WITH THE TRUTH, HYPEY (1/20/06) Examination of Pop Music Lyrics

375. THE YEAR THAT WAS (12/31/05) A look back at 2005

374. CHILD WITH NO NAME (12/23/05) Christmas story for 2005

373. EVERGREEN VILLAGE (12/20/05) A delightful Christmas town

372. A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE (12/18/05) Launching The Hyperion Chronicles website and explaining email nofication

371. THE RISE OF CHARLIE DROP (12/09/05) A book review (my first) of a book by the same name.

370. POLITICAL SCANDALS (11/23/05) Looking into two-term presidents)

369. HALLOWEEN RUINION (10/31/05) 2005’s Halloween stories

368. CHANGING HORSES IN MIDSTREAM (10/18/05) How guilty people act when caught

367. A MALL AND THE HYPE VISITOR (09/26/05) My trip to the mall

366. WHAT EVEN PIRATES FEAR (08/29/05) Third part of the Carnivus story The Great Hunt

365. THE PIRATE TROLL (08/19/05) Second part of the Carnivus story The Great Hunt

364. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN…. CARNY (08/12/05) First part of the Carnivus story The Great Hunt

363. QUINCY (07/29/05) A tribute to Quincy

362. “…MUCH WORSE THAN HARRY” (07/15/05) A Parody of the Harry Potter backlash

361. GALACTIC SLURPEES (07/13/05) Brand new colors and searching for a comet

360. BLISTER (07/07/05) A short story (which later fits into the Fagin Dupree saga)

359. THE SINS OF TOM CRUISE (06/30/05) Examining the backlash against Tom Cruise

358. THE INTERNET PARADOX (06/24/05) The History of the Internet and the emotional challenges it presents

357. “MAN, I HATE WEDNESDAYS” (06/20/05) Chapter Eight in Fagin Dupree

356. A STONE’S THROW FROM ROCK BOTTOM (06/08/05) Chapter Seven in Fagin Dupree

355. ALL IN (06/06/05) Chapter Six in Fagin Dupree

354. ANOTHER BAG O’ MAIL (05/31/05) More reader mail and launch of web site

353. MTFBWY (05/19/05) Hyperion’s thoughts on the Star Wars saga

352. BOTH BARRELS (05/12/05) Hyperion’s thoughts on sexual abuse

351. THE BLUE PARROT (05/04/05) Chapter Five in Fagin Dupree

350. THE GIRL WHO CRIED LOBO (05/02/05) What to do with the Jennifer Wilbanks situation

349. DRUNKEN DILEMMAS (04/26/05) What to do with obnoxious drunk people

348. CHAPTER FOUR (04/19/05) Chapter Four of Fagin Dupree

347. THE QUESTION MATRIX (04/15/05) Questions designed to get to know people

346. MR. GALLAGHER (04/08/04) Hyperion reveals that the last column was an April Fools’ joke, and why up until recently he didn’t play them

345. SUCH SWEET SORROW (04/01/05) Hyperion quits writing the column

344. CHAPTER THREE (03/290/05) Chapter Three of Fagin Dupree

343. DYING FOR THE RIGHT (03/22/05) Examination into the right to die

342. MEMORY OF A DAY (03/18/05) Reflections on the first day of the NCAA tournament and my dad’s birthday

341. THERE ARE SOME CRIMINALS…(03/02/05)Chapter Two of Fagin Dupree

340. OSCARS WILD (02/25/05) Oscar Predictions

339. GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER? (02/16/05) Restaurant questions about who you’d invite for dinner

338. POTPOURRI, VOLUME XXXII (02/11/05)More Potpourri

337. NANOWRIMO AND A BIG CLIFF (02/07/05) The first chapter of my year-long Fagin Dupree story

336. FIDES EXSEQUOR (01/31/05) The mystery of Poe revealed

335. KNAVE THAT I AM (01/28/05) Slight hitch in plans to reveal Poe mystery

334. A TELL-TALE BIRTHDAY (01/25/05) Laying the groundwork for theories on Poe

333. 33 POTPOURRI, VOLUME XXXI (01/20/05) More Potpourri

332. MOTTO O’ THE YEAR (01/18/05) Motto for 2005

331. WATCH THIS (01/07/05) Television shows people should watch

330. HOMELESS FOR THE HOLIDAYS (12/24/04)My Christmas from two years ago

329. CAR-LIONS, RAMPAGING SNOWMEN, AND THE T. O. D. (12/17/04) Events transpiring around the house while I’m injured

328. REVERSE POOL VULTURES (11/28/04) My first trip to the pool

327. ACHMED (11/25/04)All about my brother

326. THANKSGIVING EXTRAVABONANZA (11/23/04) Recap of past Thanksgiving columns, as well as some new stuff

325. THE DREAM FADES (11/19/04) I concede the Presidential election

324. POTPOURRI, VOLUME XXX (11/15/04) More Potpourri

323. MY TURN TO BE SCARY (10/29/04) My Halloween stories for the year

322. MY READERS SCARE ME (10/27/04) Readers send in their Halloween stories

321. SHOW ME THE MONEY (10/22/04) My fiscal policy for the country

320. EDUMACATION AND THE “LESSER EVIL” FALLACY (10/20/04) My Education policy

319. TO DO LIST (10/18/04) More plans for my presidency

318. READ OR READ NOT (10/01/04) More plans for my presidency

317. EMBRACE THE PAIN (09/27/04) Using my physical pain to make emotional point

316. ROUND 4 (09/16/04) More plans for my presidency

315. GOING ON A LION HUNT (09/08/04) Another Carnivus story about 21 years ago

314. YET ANOTHER MAIL BAG (09/02/04) I answer more Reader questions

313. THE CHICAGO WAY (08/31/04) How I would deal with terrorists

312. WHAT’S IN A NAME? (08/26/04) Explanation of the origins of “Hyperion”

311. POTPOURRI, VOLUME XXIX (08/23/04) More Potpourri

310. ADVENTURES WITH SEA-HAG (08/19/04) Just like it sounds

309. TELL ME A STORY (08/17/04) Four different people are asked to complete a picture

308. WELCOME TO MY WORLD (08/16/04) What it’s like to be crazy like me

307. THE FIELD (08/10/04) Story about a famous field

306. MOVING DAYS (08/04/04) Thoughts on moving

305. PULLUS SILEX ARCIS (07/22/04) More adventures with Tav, the elf

304. JUST LIE DOCTRINE (06/25/04) How some justify lying to the people

303. S.I.U.-W.I.O. -&. G.O.I. (06/22/04) Motto of 2004

302. A LIFE REMEMBERED (06/11/04) Thoughts on the passing of Ronald Reagan

301. I BELIEVE: THE CREED CONTINUES (07/07/04) Recap of the last 100 columns

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